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Word from Chairman - March/April 2020

Brussels, March 2020

Business as usual at FECIF

dc_fecif_layout_60Good morning,

Obviously, we are all adjusting to a very different world at present, not least in our own working environments. We want to assure you, however, that as far as possible it's "business as usual" for FECIF.

We are in the arguably fortunate position of being able to manage all key aspects of our day-to-day activities remotely, not least as we always operate this way for much of what we do.
We will continue to monitor the issues that impact you, and all of our other Members, and report on relevant matters as and when we have an update for you.

We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for our members - and for your members and/or employees as well, of course. We also fully appreciate the incredibly significant job that financial advisers and intermediaries always undertake, and how this importance is even greater at the moment, as clients seek guidance, reassurance and expertise to navigate through these terrible times, protecting their financial wellbeing. FECIF is here to assist and support wherever possible.

As always, the best way to communicate with us is generally via email, which will be monitored as normal, with communications responded to within the usual timescales. 

Please circulate this message to any relevant colleagues and/or staff and, perhaps even more importantly, feel free to circulate it amongst your members to show how you, alongside FECIF, are there to help them.

We hope that you, your loved ones, your colleagues and those around you, all stay safe and well during these turbulent times. 


David Charlet

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